Whats your sexual contraceptive knowledge?

Test your sexual health knowledge with informative questions. All answers are verified through research and scholarly experiments.

1 How many new cases of aids are reported daily, globally?
2 How many men controlled contraceptives exist? (definition 'men controlled': a safe sexual encounter that the man can use to practice safe sex that he has complete control over)*hint: there are only 20 contraceptive methods currently available*
3 Which of the following contraceptive methods is LEAST frequently used?
4 Can Chlamydia can cause infertility in men?
5 The male condom is frequently used incorrectly, what is the FAILURE RATE of condoms with TYPICAL use....... PERFECT use?
6 You require a perscription for the following contraceptive methods...
7 Emergency contraception pills initiated within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse reduces the risk of pregnancy by...
8 Which of the following contraceptive methods protect against STI's?
9 The oral contraceptive pill has a TYPICAL use failure rate of_____ and a PERFECT use failure rate of_____.
10 Other than abstinence, the most effective STI preventor is?
11 Other than abstinence, the most effective BIRTH CONTROL method (based on PERFECT USE) is?
12 The most effective BIRTH CONTROL prevention method (based on TYPICAL use) is: