How well do you know Janis Mountain?

Try this quiz to see how much you know about Janis Mountain, what does she like etc....

1 What coulor eyes do I have?
2 What size shoe am I?
3 What is the name of my bird?
4 What is my favourite colour?
5 When I'm feeling sad what is the song that I always listen to?
6 How many children have I got?
7 When is my birthday?
8 What number house do I live at?
9 What are the names of my children?
10 What colour is my bathroom?
11 How tall am I?
12 How old is my oldest child?
13 How many piercings have I got?
14 How many tattoo's have I got?
15 Who designed the tattoo for me with my children's names on?
16 What is my favourite chocolate bar?
17 Out of these which do I hate the most?
18 What coulour group do I look after at work?
19 And finally am I a Lesbian?