How well do you know Janis Mountain?
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How well do you know Janis Mountain?

Try this quiz to see how much you know about Janis Mountain, what does she like etc....

1. What coulor eyes do I have?
2. What size shoe am I?
3. What is the name of my bird?
4. What is my favourite colour?
5. When I'm feeling sad what is the song that I always listen to?
6. How many children have I got?
7. When is my birthday?
8. What number house do I live at?
9. What are the names of my children?
10. What colour is my bathroom?
11. How tall am I?
12. How old is my oldest child?
13. How many piercings have I got?
14. How many tattoo's have I got?
15. Who designed the tattoo for me with my children's names on?
16. What is my favourite chocolate bar?
17. Out of these which do I hate the most?
18. What coulour group do I look after at work?
19. And finally am I a Lesbian?