What song are you?

If you feel like there is not one song in this universe that relates to your life or reletive to the person that you are. This quiz is for you!!! Answering these question will help determine what song best fits your personality and IT IS ACCURATE!!!!! so TAKE IT!!!

1 Its a Friday night, you haven't been invited to any parties..what is plan B?
2 You just lost your grandmothers grocery money and is expected to bring her the food in an hour or she'll give a beating!!! What do you do?
3 If somebody you love is sick and in the hospital, what would you do to make them feel better?
4 what would be your moto?
5 How do you think you would respond if somebody ran up to you and flashed you?
6 Where would you like to see yourself being 10 years from now?
7 If you could master a skill in days, what skill would that be?