Which Witch-Girl are you?

Which of the girls from “Witch Girls Tales and “Witch Girls Adventures” are you most like? Are you like the imperious Princess Lucinda? The down to earth naturalist witch Amy? Or do you cast your spells in cyber-space like Monica? Find out, and learn more about yourself and everyone’s favorite Witch Girls. For more witch girl fun check out www.witchgirlsadventures .com or join their facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Witch-Girls-Adventures/72148672606

1 What's your idea of a good time?
2 In a group you are the..?
3 What's your favorite accessory..?
4 You think of yourself as..?
5 Which of the following colors appeal to you the most?
6 You see your friends as..?
7 People like your..?
8 People wish you were less..?
9 If you were a student at a school of magic your favorite class would be..?
10 You are surrounded by punk rock goblins. What do you do?
11 My favorite beverage is..?
12 Which of the following jobs appeal to you the most?
13 Your dream home would be..?
14 The most important person in your life is..?
15 Which cause appeals to you most?
16 What's your favorite kind of movie?
17 What's your favorite kind of music?
18 If you we're a witch you would travel by.
19 In school you we're the
20 Your idea pet would be..?