Your psy-level

I guess we all have a Tyler Durden inside of us, haven't we? We must have him. He's like the second you. Or maybe third. Or maybe you are really genius. Or stupid. Or you work a lot. We are here just to spread the time flow. So let's spread it. Do it wide, loud and massive. You can be whatever you wanted to, if you want it to and, moreover, if you do the way you think that it is right. Right isn't wrong, right? Then it's good. And doing good is right. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this bullshit and do what you have to! I ain't gonna stop talking and ain't gonna do your job. It's your job. I'm doing mine. We are all equal. And we are all given an opportunity. It's like a hand from above. Somehow, we can get it to do the life for us easier. And we get that peace of bread free, like some ducks in a park. What if it stops one day? If the people had stopped visiting parks. What would the duck do?

2 What can be tumbled
3 Music
4 How fast is the time
5 Which word is odd?
6 What is the meaning of life?
7 What is your religion?
8 Which phrase is in every movie?
9 Why is that?
10 Which is your best imaginary friend