How Kedrostok are you?

If you don't know who the Kedrostki are, then maybe taking this quiz is a bit pointless for you. The Kedrostki are the children of the Kedry. The Kedry is a group of Russian people in the SF Bay Area of California who are keeping old Russian traditions alive by singing, dancing, wearing traditional costumes, etc. How well do YOU fit in with the Kedrostki?

1 Fort Ross!
2 You have a question about KVN. Who do you go to?
3 You have to buy drinks for a Kedrostki party! What do you buy?
4 Choose a category from which you've owned the most things.
5 What's your favorite holiday?
6 What kind of rock music do you listen to most?
7 What sounds more fun?
8 What do you smoke?
9 Candy?
10 You're standing outside of Baskin Robbins. You have 8 friend with you and only $3.
11 If you had a chance to jump out of a second story window, would you?