how well do you know me, oh yes a second one

the clue is in the name, how well DO u know me.

1 what part am i playing in the school play?
2 what size feet am I?
3 what do all my favourite sport begin with?
4 what is my favoruite latin dance?
5 who was my first freind at school
6 which one of the folowing gets on my nerves the most?
7 what is my favourite tv programm?
8 how many times have i been asked out?
9 which weekday is my most busiest?
10 how many sheds do i have in my garden?
11 what do i want to be in the future?
12 what is my favourite film?
13 what is my favourite book?
14 what stage school do i go to?
15 what is my favourite christmas song?
16 what makes me burp other than food and drink?