What is your style
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What is your style

wats ur style dawg

1. wats ur fav color?
2. wats ur fav song?
3. wat kind of jeans do you wear?
4. I smell sex and candy!
5. do you love orange shirts
6. do you like to sing?
7. can you play an instrument?
8. wat kind of girls/boys do you like?
9. do u like vampires?
10. do you like waffles?
11. are you violent?
12. wat is ur fav band?
13. wat style are you?
14. you are alone with me wat will you do?
15. If you were me wat would you do
16. If you see me in wal mart wat would you do
17. if someone stoled my pet flamingo wat will you do?
18. do you enjoy torturing me?
19. If I was wearing a skirt what would you do
20. If you had a gun what would you do
21. If I had a gun what would you do?
22. did you like the quiz