How Addicted Are You to WoW?
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How Addicted Are You to WoW?

This quiz is srs business.

1. Let's start things simple? How many 80's do you have?
2. Do you think putting new clothes on will help you get stronger?
3. Translate this sentence: LF3M 10Naxx, DPS, Healz, have summ, need 2200, then g2g
4. You just hit 80...what do you do next?
5. Do you use l337 speak? (Like say uber and hax0rz)
6. Do you run around your house with a sword going "BLADESTORM!!!!!"
7. Your buddies want to go to a party, you're in the middle of a Naxx run. What do you do?
8. The sunlight....
9. Last question. Do you have a level 80 paladin?