How Addicted Are You to WoW?

This quiz is srs business.

1 Let's start things simple? How many 80's do you have?
2 Do you think putting new clothes on will help you get stronger?
3 Translate this sentence: LF3M 10Naxx, DPS, Healz, have summ, need 2200, then g2g
4 You just hit 80...what do you do next?
5 Do you use l337 speak? (Like say uber and hax0rz)
6 Do you run around your house with a sword going "BLADESTORM!!!!!"
7 Your buddies want to go to a party, you're in the middle of a Naxx run. What do you do?
8 The sunlight....
9 Last question. Do you have a level 80 paladin?