So you think you know Taylor Swift?
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So you think you know Taylor Swift?

Find out if you know Taylor Swift as well as you think you do.

1. 1. What is a slamming screen door Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
2. 2. what song did Colbie Caillat help write and sing?
3. 3. What song did Taylor Swift sing in "The Hannah Montana Movie?"
4. 4. Name the one that is not a Taylor Swift song.
5. Fill in the blank 5. Maybe I should?ve seen the sign Should?ve read the writing on the ____________.
6. 6. Once upon a time, I believe it was a ___________ When I caught your eye
7. 7. Hey Stephen, I could give you ___________ reasons Why I should be the one you choose
8. 8. But I know I had _________________ with you today
9. 9. Looking so innocent I might____________ you if I didn't know
10. 10. You walk around here thinking you're not ____________ But that's not true
11. 11. But she wears ___________ , I wear T-shirts
12. 12. And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there In the middle of the____________ , yeah
13. 13. You're here. Your_____________ So baby make me fly
14. 14.I'll put his picture down And maybe get some ______ tonight
15. 15.Cause when you're ___________ and somebody tells you they love you You're gonna believe them
16. 16.And that's the way I
17. 17.When you think___________I hope you think that little black dress
18. 18.Take me back to the __________ in the backyard trees
19. 19.You could write a__________ on howTo ruin someone's perfect day
20. 20.Oh what a shame, what a ending _______ given to a perfect day