How Well Do You Know Josh

How well do you know ME!!!!!

1 When Was I Born...February
2 Whats My Fav Movie Combo
3 Whats My Favorite Number
4 Where Was I Born
5 Best Beatle Song Ever Is
6 What Bands Have I Met
7 First Song I Learned To Play On Guitar
8 What Question Comes After This One
9 "Life Is What Happens Well Your Busy Making Other Plans"....who said this
10 Whats My Fav Color
11 Who Was I On The Phone With When I Made This Quiz
12 If I Could Name Boy/Girl It Would Be
13 What Am I Bad At Doing
14 What Show Did I Love As A Child
15 Whats My Fav Show Of All Time~~!!!
16 Fav Drink Ever