How Well Do you Know Julia Robinson?
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How Well Do you Know Julia Robinson?

Because Heather is making me make this. Take it if you want. :) They'll be easy I promise. haha

1. What is my least favorite food?
2. Who is my favorite Transformer?
3. What is my favorite Disney Movie?
4. What is my favorite non-Disney movie?
5. What is my favorite hobby?
6. Do I like dresses?
7. Where is my Escape from the real world?
8. My favorite genre of music?
9. What is my favorite sport?
10. What is my favorite color?
11. Who is my favorite Ninja Turtle?
12. What is my weakness in a guy?
13. Do we have nicknames for each other?
14. Challange: Which is my favorite?
15. Which is my favorite animal?
16. Which car do I want?
17. What is my favorite store?
18. Finally, do emotions scare me?