How Addicted to Mafia Wars Are You?
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How Addicted to Mafia Wars Are You?

This quiz will tell you how addicted to Mafia Wars you are and if its becoming a problem

1. Do You Play Mafia Wars Everyday?
2. How Long Do You Spend On Mafia Wars?
3. Do You Ever Play Mafia Wars Instead Of Going Out?
4. Do You Plan Your Day Around Your Mafia Wars Energy Bonus?
5. Does Getting Attacked In Mafia Wars Anger You In Real Life?
6. Have You Signed Up To Any Mafia 501 Members Groups? How Many?
7. Have You Ever Been Walking/Shopping/Outside, But Can't Get Mafia Wars Out Of Your Head?
8. Did You Take This Quiz Already Knowing The Result Would Be 100% But Did It Anyway Because It Had Mafia Wars In The Title?