Which 40 Cawdor road housemate are you???

Find out if you're a rugrat, monkey, a ditsy blonde, a collection of trees or a princess!!!!!!

1 Do you like solving equations?
2 What's your favourite drink??
3 Are you a rockstar!!!
4 Having your own language is tres cool!!
5 Ooh i love me some Biology!!
6 What happens when you're reeeeeeeally drunk??
7 What do you do in your spare time??
8 Where's your favourite place to go out in Man??
9 What do you look for in a partner??
10 Fave sex position
11 Fave disney film??
12 If you were an animal what would you be??
13 What famous person would you spend one night with??
14 What friends character would you be??
15 What do you wear in bed??
16 What's your favourite book??