How well do you know Harry Potter?

This is a quiz to see how well you know Harry Potter. BASED ON BOOK. GIVEAWAYS! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOKS, DO NOT TAKE THE QUIZ!

1 What is the name of the goblin that takes Harry to his Gringotts fault in the first book?
2 Who is the Half Blood Prince?
3 What is the name of Severus Snapes mother?
4 What is the name of the secret society Dumbledore created ot fight Voldemort?
5 Which spell causes objects to multiply when touched?
6 Which spell causes fiery marks upon whatever the spell hits?
7 Which spell causes objects to become solid?
8 The counterspell to Alohamora is?
9 Oppugno, does what?
10 Which wand does Harry finish Voldemort with?
11 What is the second last horcrux that is destroyed?
12 Tom Morvolo Riddle's Mother's side Grandfather's name is?
13 What is the incantation for Antonin Dolohov's curse?