How well do you know the Twilight series?

Questions about ALL parts of the Twilight books, even the parts that don't seem so important

1 Name the books in order.
2 Why does Bella first move to Forks?
3 In the cafeteria, who announces the Cullen's to Bella?
4 Where do the Cullens originate from?
5 Who turned Emmett into a Vampire?
6 In New Moon, who informs Edward that Bella has comitted suicide?
7 In Eclipse, who is seeking revenge?
8 Why can't Jacob bear to be away from Bella?
9 Where do Bella and Edward go for their honeymoon
10 What is Jasper's special ability?
11 What is Renesmee?
12 Who are members of Jacobs Pack?
13 In Breaking Dawn, How long is Bella's pregnancy?
14 How is Esme transformed into a vampire?