In a horror film when wil you die, or wil survive?

In a horror film will you be the first, second, third, fourth or do you survive? You know the movie the strangers?? That is your situation.. Good luck.

1 What would you do if you were all alone. lights out, no phone, and someone was in your house?
2 Pick one! HURRY!!
3 You hear you best friend gets turtured, what do you do?
4 Where would you hide?
5 Favorite color?
6 Your traped in a room with the bad guy, what do you do?
7 Are you a..
8 Do you whatch horror films?
9 If you had a chance to get something out of the kitchen what would you get?
10 What way would you escape?
11 How would you kill the bad guy?
12 Choose one