Why do i wear my make up like that???????

i get the same, same same questions and comments by differant people all the time. well maybe u should figure it out lol with a little hlp. lets see why YU think i do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Harajuku Danielle

1 what do i feel when i do it?-Harajuku Danielle
2 why do i do it? -Harajuku Danielle
3 how do i do it? -Harajuku Danielle
4 when do i not have make-up on?-Harajuku Danielle
5 do what people say like" get that bullshit off yu face" bother me? -Harajuku Danielle
6 what code(book or movie) do i live by when i do my make up and dress like i do? -Harajuku Danielle
7 do yu like what i do? -Harajuku Danielle