How well do you know My Chemical Romance's lyrics?

Think you know every word of every song of My Chemical Romance? Try this quiz!!!

1 "So darken your clothes or strike a ___ pose"
2 "When I was a young boy my father took me into the ___"
3 "What's the ___ that I could say"
4 "____, lock and load"
5 "They're painting the passports ____"
6 "These ____ ____ have always blinded me"
7 "____ you is how I disappear"
8 "Sometimes I cry so hard from ____"
9 "Well I hope you do the same. Awww... ____"
10 "And the collision of your _____ that made it so hard."
11 "Without a ____ I took her down."
12 "This ____ city sky, like butane on my skin."
13 "Don't ___ if I ____."
14 "They gave us two ____to the back of the head."