How well do you know Redding?

Do you know Redding the way you think? Only for people who have lived in Redding or currently are, and let's see how well you know your home-town!

1 Lets start out easy. What's the State Redding is in?
2 Which is in Redding?
3 Is there an airport in Redding?
4 What is the name of the street that has most of the hotels and restaurants?
5 What are the names of the two main cross-town-rival schools?
6 What is the River Bowl?
7 Whats Powder Puff?
8 How many malls are in Redding?
9 How many McDonals are there in Redding?
10 Our Christmas tree, is it fake? If so, where is it stored?
11 At the Christmas parade, what is always the last Float telling you its the end?
12 Redding is located at the top of the valley. Anyway but south runs you into the mountains.