how well do u know lil wayne's songs

do u know wat songs these lyrics are from

1 "ridin' by myself, well really not really. So heavy in the trunk make the car pot a wheelie
2 "i said he's so sweet make me wanna lick the rapper. So i let her lick the rapper"
3 "I'm fighting for this girl, On a battlefield of love"
4 "and we don't want no problems, OK your a goon what's a goon to a goblin"
5 "i like chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, macoroni, potato salad, chicken. i am out bitches"
6 "im so high you could'nt reach me with a fuckin antenna"
7 "Or in a marijuana field You are so beneath my cleats"
8 "No chandeliers, I got guns hangin' from the ceilin' "
9 "Cause we like her and we like her too"
10 "Got A Bitch In The Back, Gotta A Hoe In The Front,Got Purp In The Dutch, Got Purp In The Cup"