What Gender are you?

This quiz will determine what gender you are.

1 It's a Sunday, and you've got nowhere to be, nothing to do and no one to see. How are you dressed?
2 Quick! Pick a color!
3 Shapes?
4 What's the most appetizing food mentioned?
5 Attractve Body parts?
6 How does your hair look?
7 How do you type?
8 How often do you use emotes?
9 How do you feel about Christmas or days drawing near a friend's or oyur own birthday?
10 Your annaversary is drawing near. How do you react?
11 What's your idea of romance? Pick the best option below.
12 It's late, and your Significant Other hasn't been home for hours. You...?
13 An old lady falls over, what do you do?
14 You find 100$ on the ground, and no one is around to claim it. What do you do?
15 Which of the following pets is fit for you?
16 You see your Significant Other clearly being hit on by someone else at a party with friends. What do you do?
17 Your Significant Other just bought you a present for your birthday, but you absolutely hate what they got for you. What do you say?
18 Your significant other buys you a gift that you absolutely love! What do you do?
19 You have just been dumped for someone "better" than you. What do you do?
20 A fat kid huffs past you in shorts and a tank top too small for him. You...?