How well do you know Paramore?

THis is a quiz about the band Paramore. Test your knowledge on where they come from, the lyrics, the tours and the members

1 How many member's are in Paramore as of January 2011?
2 Where are most of Paramore from?
3 How many and what member's left the band at the end of 2010?
4 What was Paramore's first album called?
5 What was one of the oversea's Tour's that Paramore repeated in 2010 because they enjoyed it so much?
6 What song do the lyrics "I wont look back coz theres no use, its time to move foward" come from?
7 What song do the lyrics "if it ends today, well ill still say that you shine brighter than anyone"
8 What are the bands twitter names?