How long will you last in life?

This will calculate how long you will last (in years) in life.

1 A person asked you to help him in a subject you are good in. What would you do?
2 A person have said something nasty about you behind your back. What would you do?
3 A friend asked you to rate her 1 - 5 (Ugly - Gorgeous) on her dress and it did not suit her. Would you lie and rate 5 about it?
4 One of your bestfriend of yours appears to need $50. He/she still owes you $25. Would you lend him the extra $50?
5 A stranger asked to see if he can use the bathroom. Would you let him?
6 Your pet seems to be dying. Would you take care of him yourself? Or ask the experts?
7 Choose your BF/GF's Fate. He/She is in a flaming house BURNING. Would you be the Hero to Him/Her?