How long will you last in life?
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How long will you last in life?

This will calculate how long you will last (in years) in life.

1. A person asked you to help him in a subject you are good in. What would you do?
2. A person have said something nasty about you behind your back. What would you do?
3. A friend asked you to rate her 1 - 5 (Ugly - Gorgeous) on her dress and it did not suit her. Would you lie and rate 5 about it?
4. One of your bestfriend of yours appears to need $50. He/she still owes you $25. Would you lend him the extra $50?
5. A stranger asked to see if he can use the bathroom. Would you let him?
6. Your pet seems to be dying. Would you take care of him yourself? Or ask the experts?
7. Choose your BF/GF's Fate. He/She is in a flaming house BURNING. Would you be the Hero to Him/Her?