Biggest hits of the noughties (2000-2009)

If you know your music from the start of this century and from today you will smash through this quiz

1 Who sang the song 'It's All For You'?
2 Complete these lyrics: She's just like wasabi, looks like a Barbie...
3 'Yeah!' featuring Lil' Jon & Ludacris is sung by?
4 Which song features these lyrics: 'I wanna kiss you, but if i do then i might miss you babe.'
5 Which artist released the album 'Something To Be'?
6 Who sang the song 'Here I come'?
7 Which one of the following songs did Christina Milian sing?
8 Fill in the blank lyric: _________ is so magic to me, the strangest things can happen.
9 Which one of the following is sung by beyonce?
10 '21 Guns' is sung by who?