how well do you know roxy and steevie?

this quiz is testing how well you know us. :)

1 what is thier fav activity?
2 they are part of a group. what is the groups name
3 steevies fav cartoon character is...
4 roxies fav cartoon character is...
5 what grade did rox and steves meet
6 what is thier fav movie
7 what show was the most resent show they were in?
8 what are they saving up to do?
9 which one of them is the taller one?
10 what is steevies eye colour
11 who is roxies fav twilight character
12 and steevies?
13 what does - l llll - stand for?
14 what is thier fav flowers
15 what is their fav choc
16 what is roxys 2 fav animals
17 what is steevies 2 fav amimales