How well do you know your Tongan background?

This quiz will test how knowledgable and smart your brain is. This will also reveal either you know about Tongan history or not. Good luck

1 Name one of the kings that are past rulers of Tonga?
2 What is the correct definition of Tonga?
3 Name one of the King's prime minister in the current and the past?
4 Name one of the main island group in Tonga?
5 Who is the current and past monarch ruler of Tonga
6 Where is Tonga located?
7 What gift did Captain Cook presented to the King of Tonga as a present?
8 In Tonga which gender is high ranking?
9 Which house of monarch is the current or past ruler of Tonga?
10 Name one of the main trading partners of Tonga
11 Choose one of the foreign relations of Tonga?
12 Choose one of the predominant Christian branch in Tonga?
13 Choose one of the main Tongan cuisine?
14 Choose one of the main fesitivals in Tonga each year?
15 Who is Tonga's close neighbours?
16 Choose one of the most powerful Queen of Tonga in the past
17 Where did the ancestors of Tonga originated?
18 Was Tonga colonised?
19 What was the child of the Tuí Tonga Fefine were known as
20 How did Tonga prevent itself from coming underneath the European colonisation?
21 Who are we?
22 What is the largest Tongan population in the world besides Tonga.
23 What were Tongan known as across the South Pacific during the Tuí Tonga empire?