Take this random quiz and find out if today is your lucky day>

1 What do you do if you fall down
2 pick a number this number could repersent anything so it is a good luck test
3 Are you smart but just act stuipid?
4 what is your favorite swear word
5 was the last question irrelevent?
6 pick your favorite color
7 astigicablicadahablahgagrioisanrgj
8 Fill in the blank: 1 2 3 _ 5 6 7 8 9 10
9 HAve you done something that you have always wanted to do?
10 how far can you walk into a forest?
11 If you complete this quiz and get an answer you dont like will you get mad
12 The luck test!
13 H1N1 are you panicking?
14 this is an awfully long quiz i know but it determines something that im sure u want to know so go on.: have you ever kissed ur crush?
15 Is the number 7 luckey?
16 have you ever got a hole in one? playing golf?
17 what dose your First name start with?
18 Emptey Question
19 ARE you Felling lucky?
20 Alright ladys and gentlmen this is the final question and for this question you will have to entirly on luck os give it your best. the question is: SAY SOMTHING!
21 i lied that was not the last question this is! Pick the RIGHT ONE!?
22 okay o lied twice but seriosly this time it is the last question, LEGIT what language is this? and what dose it say? (translate it to english) Они волшебно вкусно!
23 How many holes in a Polo?