Tokio Hotel Trivia

Do you think you're a fan that knows all the backstage moments from Tokio Hotel?? I'll only ask questions from Zimmer 483 DVD and THTV,to be gentle. :D So are you obsessed? Find out!

1 Before the Zimmer 483 tour, what city was the sound check in?
2 On the backstage "Caught On Camera" DVD, Bill said the candies he bought at the supermarket were delicious. Who said afterwards "What?! You threw up all over the table!"
3 In the episode "Interview Above The Clouds", which of the twins says he hates the movie "Hot Shots"?
4 On the Zimmer DVD, in which country was Bill freaking out about needing a translator?
5 What was the name of the fan Bill pulled up on stage during "Der Letzte Tag"? (on the Zimmer DVD)
6 Which of these was NOT a song played at Bill's Private Party in Geneva? (THTV)
7 What Happened to Jumbie?
8 While on tour, where did they go after Hamburg?
9 Grosses Kino literally translates into "Big Cinema." How would you use it?
10 Bill said, "It just looks so small because we're so tall," when refering to what in Vegas?
11 According to Tom, which song sounds "Really bad when you miss one single note just a tiny bit"? (THTV)
12 Who is, according to Georg, the only member that doesn't sleep late on their days off, instead waking up at 9? (Zimmer)