How good is your vocabulary?

Test your knowledge of words and their meanings. No cheating!

1 Let's start out easy. If something is a "fiasco" it is:
2 To do something with "panache" is to do it:
3 It gets harder after this. If something is "banal" it is:
4 Someone who is "ataxic" is:
5 If something is "cantabile" it is:
6 To be "quixotic" is to be:
7 "Cerulean" means:
8 "Caprizant" means:
9 When you "vivify" something you:
10 What's another word for "serendipity"?
11 If you are "masticating" you are:
12 The last two are easier. If you are "jubilant" you are?
13 Final question! The word "kerfuffle" means: