How much does your face look like a pig?

This quiz is random, but you can tell everyone who has took this infront of their friends has laughed. At least smiled! So relive the old days if your over 18 and dart to the future if your a kid. This is quiz if fcoused on your answers to cleverly determine what your face is/have/will look like. So grab a chuckle and take the quiz.

1 You're in school, music lesson, 12:30, Thursday. Cant stop laughing! Teacher staring. You?
2 You're at home, 7:30, about to go to party, cant find purse/wallet, you?
3 You're at a friends house, sleepover tonight, someone else is invited, you HATE them, you?
4 On your computer, doing math homework, battery's dying, cant find charger, you?
5 Your painting, at home, it's a jellyfish, you make a mistake, you?
6 Your drinking, squash, APPLE squash, it's too weak, your mum made it, you?
7 Playing cards, your losing, its a one on one match, the opponent leaves for the loo, you?