Are you sure you know Twilight?

This quiz takes all the little details out of the Twilight Books and the movie

1 In The Book Twilight, what is the name of the Italain restrant that Bella and Edward eat at?
2 In the book Breaking Dawn, what "family" member of the cullens dies???
3 In the book New Moon, who finds Bella laying in the forest after Edward Left?
4 In the Movie Twilight, what color are Bella's Sheets when she moves in with charlie??
5 In the movie twilght how many people live in forks?
6 In the movie twilight what name does Rosalie call Emmet when they are playing baseball?
7 In the book Eclipse, who does Jared Imprint on?
8 what color hair does tanya have?
9 who does edward vist when he first meets bella and has to leave. (Midnight Sun)
10 When Bella makes Her new family vote if they want to change her into a vampire, what does Rosalie vote?