Are you sure you know Twilight?
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Are you sure you know Twilight?

This quiz takes all the little details out of the Twilight Books and the movie

1. In The Book Twilight, what is the name of the Italain restrant that Bella and Edward eat at?
2. In the book Breaking Dawn, what "family" member of the cullens dies???
3. In the book New Moon, who finds Bella laying in the forest after Edward Left?
4. In the Movie Twilight, what color are Bella's Sheets when she moves in with charlie??
5. In the movie twilght how many people live in forks?
6. In the movie twilight what name does Rosalie call Emmet when they are playing baseball?
7. In the book Eclipse, who does Jared Imprint on?
8. what color hair does tanya have?
9. who does edward vist when he first meets bella and has to leave. (Midnight Sun)
10. When Bella makes Her new family vote if they want to change her into a vampire, what does Rosalie vote?