How well do you know Maya>

take this quiz to see how much you know me!

1 What is my middle name?
2 What is my dogs name?
3 What is my major
4 What are my favorite animals?
5 Whats my favorite dance to do?
6 Out of the phrases, which do i say the most?
7 what is my favorite thing to do?
8 What do people say I do too much of?
9 What is the first song, Jack 3 made? (Jack 3 is Shi, Kami, & I )
10 What is the First song the Uh-Oh Oreos Made? (Chantelle, Shi, & I )
11 Who are the speed twins? & who named them the speed twins?
12 What do maya and chantelle love to do?
13 What do maya & romel do best together?
14 where is my weekend home?
15 why do oneika and I call each other kb&lb? and what does it stand for?
16 What do I want out of life?