How well do you know Maya>
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How well do you know Maya>

take this quiz to see how much you know me!

1. What is my middle name?
2. What is my dogs name?
3. What is my major
4. What are my favorite animals?
5. Whats my favorite dance to do?
6. Out of the phrases, which do i say the most?
7. what is my favorite thing to do?
8. What do people say I do too much of?
9. What is the first song, Jack 3 made? (Jack 3 is Shi, Kami, & I )
10. What is the First song the Uh-Oh Oreos Made? (Chantelle, Shi, & I )
11. Who are the speed twins? & who named them the speed twins?
12. What do maya and chantelle love to do?
13. What do maya & romel do best together?
14. where is my weekend home?
15. why do oneika and I call each other kb&lb? and what does it stand for?
16. What do I want out of life?