What does your personality say about you (girls)

This Quiz is about what people think of you, from your personality, for an example if you have great sense of hummer and you listen to people when there talking to you and you make everyone feel good when there around you and you will be friends with anyone ! then your results would be sweetheart" the loved one

1 Say if a guy asked you out! and he was not your type how would you tell him your just not interested.
2 say there was a huge party at your best friends house and everyone at school was gonna be there and you were not invited what would you do?
3 when something really amuses you, you react with?
4 When talking to people you?
5 in school, people would think you are?
6 You hate people that are
7 say if a new girl came to your school and she was different! and your friends were talking about her jugging her for her appearance what would you do?
8 if a nasty rumor about one of your friends goes around your school what do you do?
9 if someone asked you what click are you in what would you say.
10 what is your highest priority/