What type of person are you?

Answer the questions to see if you're a great guy, average, or just a douche.

1 Who's the best?
2 How old are you?
3 What letter does your name start with?
4 What phone carrier do you have?
5 Which site is the best?
6 Which pet is the best?
7 Music?
8 Again, who's the best?
9 How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
10 Best smiley?
11 Best state?
12 My birthday is in...
13 There is a highly endangered, rabid panda about to bite into your neck and potentially kill you. Do you:
14 What attracts you to someone?
15 How old will you be when you move out?
16 Sandwich meat?
17 Is this a retorical question?
18 Best type of dog?
19 Black or white?
20 Sunglasses?
21 Which form of talking is the best?
22 Best food?
23 How do you listen to most of your music?
24 I love...
25 Is this the last question?