Are you Veronica or Natasha?

Are you more like V or Tash? Find out here...

1 What are you most likely to wear out to the shops?
2 How long do you take to get ready in the morning?
3 What is the most ticklish part of your body?
4 What are you most likely to be doing at a party?
5 Whats your favourite sport?
6 What is your favourite food?
7 Whats your favourite weekend activity?
8 Favourite junk food?
9 What are you most likely to do on the computer after school?
10 What type of friend are you?
11 What time do you wake up on the weekend? (if you have the choice)
12 Who's your favourite male actor?
13 Do you accesorise?
14 Did you even know what accesorise meant before you read this question?
15 Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?