Are you a true Taylor Swift fan?
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Are you a true Taylor Swift fan?

Take this quiz to find out if you are a true fan of Taylor Swift!

1. "He has his __________ eyes," (I'd lie)
2. " He is sensible and so ___________ and all my single friends are jealous. (The way i love you)
3. "State the obvious, i didn't get my perfect _________." (Picture to burn)
4. "I'm the one who makes you _______ when you know you're bout to ______." (You belong with me"
5. "This ____ a fairy tale." (White horse)
6. " But with you i''d dance in the storm in my best ______ fearless!" (Fearless)
7. " It's ______ a.m, feeling like i just lost a friend..." (Breath)