How well do you know fast-food chains
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How well do you know fast-food chains

Quiz your knowledge on fast-food chains,and then go get a burger!!!!

1. Wich fast-food resteruant features "the blue cresent" logo?
2. wich fast-food restruant's chains are all closed on Sundays do too the founder's devoted Christian life?
3. sadly the spokes-dog for this restruant recently passed away she will always be remembered.
4. Heres a combo after it's name "a half and half no sirloin but i'll take a burger"
5. has no mascot so they have to use other restruant's in their commercials how it's not illegal i'll never know.
6. These two restruants are currently in a war over more,more,more and fresh,fresh,fresh.
7. Fast food:Chicken,Buiscuts,and Cajun fixins' sounds good at this resteruant