Nathan Crabbe Knows How You Live Your Life
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Nathan Crabbe Knows How You Live Your Life

Do you fight through life? do you breeze? are you an asshole or a nice person? take my quiz based on the TRUTHFUL answer you provide ill inform you of how i think you run your life, Its not hard dont be a bitch just do it C'MON DO IT!

1. If Someone Tried To Rob You Of $5 In A Dark Carpark You...?
2. Your At You Friends Who Broke Up With Thier Partner And Needs Some Company You..?
3. Your At A Pub And Your Partner Gets Hit On And Wont Be Left Alone You...?
4. Your Mate Accuses You Of Stealing From Them You...?
5. Your In A Fight And You Have 1 Free Punch You...?
6. You Find $10,000 You...?
7. Your Fuck Buddy Is Angry With You Over Something Small. How Do You Deal With It?
8. You Have $50 And You Can Spend It 1 Of These Ways...