How John-Joe are you?
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How John-Joe are you?

Yeah, well basicly it's some random quiz where I figure out how "John-Joe" you are. With some simple... Well kinda simple but random questions it will determine how John-Joe you are. And, if you are very John-Joe, you.. You should probably consult a doctor, because that's not a good thing... You should really get that checked out...

1. You leave the house, what did you bring with you?
2. You turn on the T.V, what shows?
3. What does the word BLEP BLEP BLEP mean to you?
4. You have an enthusiasm in a subject... But a teacher came along and destroyed your enthusiasm...
5. You are asked for a response on how you thing Year 8 is coming along... Your response-
6. How many people cried because of you on the Bendigo Year 8 excursion (If your not from my school, compair it to another situation)
7. What did you get from this video