are you inlove?
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are you inlove?

this quizz is for fun purposes only :)

1. when you think of a romantic night with your loved one, what do you think of?
2. you wanna get your bf/gf a gift, you buy them ___?
3. your gf/bf hurts them selves, what do you do?
4. quick, your gf/bf popped the question..what do you say?
5. your significant others parents dont like you and are just pretending to be nice, you___?
6. your gf/bf is cold! you___
7. your gf/bf wants you to go somewhere you really dont like but you know it would make her/him happy you__?
8. someone insults your girlfriend/boyfriend you___?
9. your lvoed one is having a bad day you__?
10. last question :) think hard.. are you inlove?!