Are you a true resident of Blackwood?

Blackwood is a strange town full of even stranger people. If you were a character in South Suburbia, would you fit in with the rest of the community? Or would you be treated as nothing more than an 'outsider'? Take this random and occasionally funny quiz to find out...

1 An elderly gentleman walks up to you and suddenly laughs at you hysterically, waving around his walking stick while spitting all over your favourite shirt. What do you do?
2 A gang of thugs are beating up a nerdish young man for no apparent reason. What do you do?
3 You are stargazing with a friend when you suddenly notice a UFO hovering in the sky (your friend has not seen it yet). What do you do?
4 A meteor is heading straight for the town! What do you do?
5 You can hear your neighbour shouting "Help! I'm being attacked by werewolves!". What do you do?