How well do you know RedvsBlue?

Rooster Teeth's RedvsBlue trivia

1 Who is Tex's AI?
2 What did Grif suggest the Warthog looked like?
3 Who is the Blue team's tank
4 The name of Tucker's alien baby?
5 How does Church die the first time?
6 Who shoots Caboose's foot
7 Which team does Doc help?
8 What is Donut sent to buy at the "store"?
9 What is Donut's real name?
10 What is the name of Blue base?
11 The name of the alien that impregnates Tucker?
12 Who was hired by O'Malley to kill Tucker?
13 What is Tex's first name?
14 Who is also known as Recovery One?
15 Who works at Blue Command/Red Command?
16 What episode does Tex first appear?
17 Which new soldier was sent to replace Captain Butch Flowers?
18 Caboose is infatuated with who?
19 Who proclaims himself "the Vehicle Destroyer"?
20 Who finds The Great Weapon? (Energy Sword)