How Much Do You Know METALLICA?

It's about the history of METALLICA

1 What the favourite Trademark of Lars Ulrich?
2 In which year was the BLACK ALBUM released?
3 Who among them was once with METALLICA?
4 Who are the Lyricists of :"BLIETZKRIEG"?
5 In which month & year METALLICA's bout bus got an accident ?
6 How many songs were completed by the help of Rock for the album "ST ANGER"
7 Who left "METALLICA" to create "MEGADEATH"?
8 Who inspired "METALLICA"?
9 Does METALLICA motivate you to play instruments/sing?
10 Who is the "FRONT MAN" of METALLICA?
11 Who got the idea to make METALLICA?
12 Why Ron was kicked out from METALLICA?
13 In which year Jason left METALLICA?
14 After how many albums did METALLICA found his place among the Heavy Metal Music?
15 Is METALLICA still famous all over the world?
16 "IT'S ELECTRIC" is from the album...
17 METALLICA sang "OFF THE WALL" in his first concert?
19 Does James live with his parents?
20 Which song was the 2008 HIT?
21 In which country METALLICA gave his last concert?
22 Which is not a musical track?
23 What type of sound was the album " ST-ANGER"
24 Dave & Ron worked on?
25 Which song was played in S&M?