Test Your Knowledge of Sex!
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Test Your Knowledge of Sex!

How much do you know about sex?

1. The average depth (from opening to cervix) of a vagina is _____ inches when not aroused.
2. (True or False) Men have a G-Spot located inside the rectum.
3. The female G-Spot is located _________.
4. The average size of a penis is _________ inches.
5. The two most sensitive areas of the penis are _________ and _________.
6. Commonly dildos are made from:
7. Which one of these sexual maneuvers aids in female G-Spot stimulation?
8. (True or False) It is possible for a female to acheive orgasm through anal sex.
9. Which of these sexual positions is not actually a sexual position
10. What ancient civilization invented the dildo?
11. The amount of semen produced with every is orgasm is: