What kind of Call of Duty player are you?

This quiz will tell you what type of player you are in the Call of Duty series

1 If you were in a Search and Destroy, and you were the last man on your team, with everyone one the other team still alive and they have planted the bomb... how would you go about winning?
2 In a cage match, the score has been 0-0 for 1 minute and you havent spotted the enemy yet, what do you do?
3 You enter a free for all which turns out to have 18 players in the lobby and the map is shipment... what weapon do you use?
4 In Search and Destroy, you have the bomb and your the last man left against the other teams last man, you can hear him in the next room guarding bomb point A... what do you do?
5 In a team deathmatch, what tactic would you use to win?