You + Partner = Twilight Couple

Just a fun quiz to see if you and your partner are the "Bella and Edward" couple - or maybe you're the "Carlisle and Esme" couple.

1 You're home alone on a Friday night - your partner wants to do something with you, what do you do?
2 You're having a girls night in, your boyfriend calls - he wants to pop over. What do you do?
3 It's your birthday - what does your partner get you?
4 You're choosing a dress for a special occasion and you bring your partner along for their honest opinion - how does he comment?
5 You're meeting his family for the first time - how do they react?
6 Your parents don't aproove of the relationship - and because you value your parents choices for you, you have to break up with your partner. How do you do this?
7 Finally; You two decide to tie the knot - What type of ceremony is it?