What NaRuTo ChArAcTeR are YOU?!
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What NaRuTo ChArAcTeR are YOU?!

The title explains it all! Warning: ONLY take if a naruto fan.....or at least know a little about naruto!

1. If your friend was hurt, would you...
2. If u had one power/jutsu...what would it be?
3. Are you brave?
4. You have to do a D level mission (ex. Weeding the yard)...how do you react to this?
5. How do you describe yourself?
6. How long can you hold a grudge?
7. What's a favorite memory of your childhood?
8. 2 ninja's stand in your way, so you...
9. What would your ninja name be?
10. *Last question*... Who do you want badly right now?