Can you make it do what it do ???!!!!

Are you really sexually elite ??

1 How long does it take you to bring someone to climax orally ???
2 Are you good enough to be a porn star ??
3 Where do you like to have sex ???
4 What's your favorite position ?? Of course this would be on the test !!!!!!!
5 How long should foreplay last ??
6 Do you like to be in control ??
7 How important is sex in your daily life ??
8 Would you lick/suck it from the back ( and no i don't mean the balloon knot ) ??
9 Do you make em sound off everytime ???
10 How nasty can you get ??
11 What would you choose , a $1000 spree at the mall or spine numbing sex ??
12 How do you feel about squirting ???
13 Have you ever had somebody Tell you not to touch them for a few minutes after they orgasm