How well do you know BMTH?
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How well do you know BMTH?

Bad ass Quiz on BMTH bio && Songs.

1. Where is BMTH orgianally from?
2. Who is the Lead Vocals in BMTH?
3. What was the name Of BMTH's Latest album?
4. What song are these lyrics from " I hear the fear in your voice But you shouldn't feel a thing, Your life's already worse than any pain that I could bring,"
5. Finish the Lyrics--"I whispered in her ear: You better fear me dear, for I am..."
6. What Rap Group Were Oli Sykes, Matt Nicholls, Tom Sykes and XricciX In?
7. What Clothing Line Does Oli Sykes Own?
8. What type Of music Does BMTH make?
9. Name The Song: Count your fucking... Blessings! Come on! Count your blessings, Because I'm counting every lie.
10. Which band member was recently replaced?
11. BMTH Prefer: