How well do you know BMTH?

Bad ass Quiz on BMTH bio && Songs.

1 Where is BMTH orgianally from?
2 Who is the Lead Vocals in BMTH?
3 What was the name Of BMTH's Latest album?
4 What song are these lyrics from " I hear the fear in your voice But you shouldn't feel a thing, Your life's already worse than any pain that I could bring,"
5 Finish the Lyrics--"I whispered in her ear: You better fear me dear, for I am..."
6 What Rap Group Were Oli Sykes, Matt Nicholls, Tom Sykes and XricciX In?
7 What Clothing Line Does Oli Sykes Own?
8 What type Of music Does BMTH make?
9 Name The Song: Count your fucking... Blessings! Come on! Count your blessings, Because I'm counting every lie.
10 Which band member was recently replaced?
11 BMTH Prefer: